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My name is Claudia I was born in Honduras, I came from a big family, I am number #8 of 9 children. I came to the USA which I enjoy with my mother every day. Until she left in 2014, Now I can call Home, I am over 20 years old in Maryland, I am have a 13-year-old boy who is my favorite son, I always tell him 😂 and I have a dog that I adore and fills me with happiness. Her name is Honey 🐶🍯, I studied English as second language at Howard Community College, I got my GED and then I went to Cosmetology school, and every day that passes I can say that I chose what I am passionate about and it fills me with happiness to see the transformation that I can give to my clients, I feel I am very blessed to have some clients/friends who have supported me and followed me in my career as a stylist, and I hope to meet you and make a friendship offering my services to those who need it.

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